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Press Release

Orient Overseas (International) Ltd
Announces 2014 Full Year Results

•Group Revenue US$6,522 million
•Group Operating Profit of US$329 million
•Profit Attributable to Equity Holders US$271 million
•Earnings Per Share US43.2 cents
•Final Ordinary Dividend US3.4 cents (HK$0.27) per share

Financial and Operational Highlights – Full Year 2014

• OOIL’s Container Transport and Logistics business reported EBIT of US$249 million, representing an operating margin of approximately 4%.
• Encouraging industry volume growth in 2014 especially in major East West Trades.
• Liner liftings increased by 5.5% to 5.6 million TEU with load factor improved to 76% from 73%.
• The Group took delivery of two 13,208 TEU ‘Mega’ class newbuilding vessels during the year representing a 6.8% increase in net operating capacity from 2013 to 529,662 TEU. In addition, the Group is taking delivery of four 8,888 TEU newbuilding vessels in 2015.
• Continued progress in Logistic business buildout, Terminal Investment in Long Beach, California, and industry leading IT development.
• Industry newbuilding deliveries reach a peak in 2015.

Balance Sheet Highlights

• Total net debt to equity ratio was 0.28 : 1 as at 31st December 2014
• Liquid assets of US$2.7 billion as at 31st December 2014


OOIL Financial Results – Full Year and Second Half of 2014


Orient Overseas (International) Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) today announced a profit attributable to equity holders for 2014 of US$270.5 million, compared to a profit of US$47.0 million in 2013.

Earnings per ordinary share in 2014 was US43.2cents, whereas earnings per ordinary share in 2013 was US7.5 cents.

The Board of Directors recommends the payment of a final ordinary dividend of US3.4 cents (HK$0.27) per share to shareholders for 2014.

The Chairman of OOIL, Mr C C Tung, said, “The global economic environment saw mixed but encouraging results during 2014. The U.S. recorded a GDP growth of 2.4% for the year with satisfactory results in consumer spending. While the longer term effects of the Federal Reserve quantitative easing remain unclear, it seems that the U.S. has reached a stage of recovery. The Eurozone saw continued challenges during 2014. The two percent inflationary target set by the European Central Bank seemed increasingly untenable as the year progressed. According to the final tally, GDP growth of the Eurozone grew at a disappointing 0.8% for the year, an indication that sustainable recovery has not yet arrived but nevertheless an improvement from 2013. Private consumption rose 0.8%, a modest but encouraging performance from a negative 0.6% in 2013. The market was positive to the ECB quantitative easing program announced at the end of last year although the actual effects remain unclear at this point.”

“In Asia, China continued its structural reform program, and posted a 7.4% GDP growth. Government initiatives for reform in both the financial and State-owned-enterprise sector seem to be progressing but gradual in pace. While China’s overall economic growth has reached a level of “new normal”, its consumer spending continues to grow. Commodity based economies had a more challenging year, especially given the slow down of China. Overall, 2014 was an eventful year which saw political instability in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, diverging economic performance amongst the developed nations, and an unexciting growth picture in emerging markets,” noted Mr. Tung.

“Against this uncertain backdrop, seaborne trade growth for the liner industry was better than expected during 2014. East West trades recorded healthy volume growth while the Intra-Asia trades posted positive but inconsistent growth. In aggregate terms, global demand grew 5.3%, an improvement from 4.0% in 2013. The industry as a whole performed better than that of 2013, though freight rate across trades were mixed. The Asia-Europe trade saw better-than-expected performance, especially in the earlier part of the year, while those of the Trans-Pacific and Intra-Asia trades were more muted. While carriers faced multiple challenges including port congestion in Asia and Europe, increasing labour and logistics bottleneck in the U.S., and cascading effects in the Trans-Pacific and Intra-Asia trades, the industry benefitted from an overall trade volume growth and declining bunker prices during the year,” Mr. Tung continued.

“In 2014, our lifting increased by 5.5% while revenue improved by 3.5%. Compared to the previous year, OOCL average revenue per TEU fell 1.9%. Despite the increase in capacity and lifting, our operating costs continued to improve. A reduction in total bunker cost of 10%, attributable to both decrease in bunker price and consumption, was achieved,” Mr. Tung remarked.

During the year of 2014, the Group took delivery of two ‘Mega’ Class 13,208 TEU new vessels from the Geoje shipyard of Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. in South Korea. The ‘Mega’ Class 13,208 TEU vessels are currently the largest containerships owned by the Group. In 2015, the Group will take delivery of four 8,888 TEU vessels from Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd in China. These newbuildings will complete the Group’s current orderbook of SX class newbuildings. As part of the refleeting plan, one 9-year old & two 11-year old 8,063 TEU SX Class vessels were sold and chartered back for a three year period during the year.

“Building a sustainable logistics business remains a key objective for the Group. Operating under the brand name OOCL Logistics, the Group’s logistics business is a stand alone profit center active in international supply chain management, import/export services, domestic transportation and warehousing services. The business has grown to 130 offices in 30 countries. We expect the logistics business will become a meaningful contributor to the Group’s bottom line over the long term,” Mr. Tung said.

“The Group is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Port of Long Beach community in the Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project. The project will expand the total capacity and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the Port. The first phase is expected to be operational in 2016, and with its final phase scheduled for completion in 2019, the terminal will be the most competitive, and environmentally friendly container facility in North America. We expect the project to provide tangible benefits to OOCL’s competitiveness going forward,” Mr. Tung added.

“In 2014, the G6 Alliance extended its network with services covering all major East West trades and opened the Singapore based Service Center to ensure that product quality is consistent and at the highest level. Looking forward, we will continue to work with alliance members to ensure efficiency, quality and competitiveness,” Mr. Tung continued.

“In respect of 2015 we will see relatively more newbuildings delivered, and a lower level of deliveries in 2016. In the first quarter of 2015, congestions in Asia and Europe have eased, and labour issues on the U.S. West Coast seem to be in the process of being resolved,” remarked Mr. Tung.

“Looking forward, in spite of the fact that the global geopolitical environment remains uncertain, we believe that world economic demand is on a positive trajectory. Notwithstanding the larger order book for delivery in the year 2015, we anticipate gradually improving industry dynamics and margin. The Group continues to be an industry leader in terms of operational excellence and financial robustness. We continue to be well placed in our ability to deliver superior performance, invest in the future, and form effective alliances in our drive to provide the best possible service quality at the most cost-efficient level possible. We look forward to furthering our position as one of the leading carriers in the industry,” Mr. Tung concluded.

Mr. Alan Tung, the Group’s Acting Chief Financial Officer, commented, “As at 31st December 2014, the Group had total liquid assets of US$2,689.8 million compared with debt obligations of US$388.9 million repayable in 2015. The net debt to equity ratio remained low at 0.28 : 1 at the end of 2014. We remain focused and deliberate in our efforts to maintain a sustainable balance sheet that allows the Group the ability to retain the widest degree of initiative and flexibility as a competitive edge. We are committed to ensuring an appropriate balance between adequate liquidity, efficient capital structure suitable for our industry, and sustainable returns to shareholders throughout the economic and market cycles.”

OOIL owns one of the world’s largest international integrated container transport businesses which trades under the name “OOCL”. With more than 320 offices in 70 countries, the Group is one of Hong Kong’s most international businesses. OOIL is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

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Issued by: Orient Overseas (International) Limited

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